Monday, February 18, 2013


What's up everyone!! Welcome to my first ever blog. It's weird because people who know me know I'm not really into the whole blogging craze that has been going on, but a few buddies of mine encouraged me to write a blog and I figured why the hell not? The only question that remained was, what should I write about? After taking a full minute (maybe even less), I realized I would write a blog about basketball. I've always enjoyed talking about basketball with my buddies and even strangers at times so I thought I would make this blog as a way to talk with not only friends but others about my favourite sport. Also, I choose basketball because my own personal life is not really all that interesting, except for those pesky rumors that I apparently have kids all over the world that I don't even know about (Man I would have fit right in with the characters on Game of Thrones).

In any case, hope you guys enjoy the blog and visit often! Feel free to comment/bash whatever it is I have to write about!

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